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Silver Spoon was born in 1972 as the retail brand of British Sugar. This allowed one company to deliver British grown sugar from field to plate on a national level.  In 1995, we became a company in our own right.

By developing products like the Half Spoon sweetener and acquiring brands like Crusha, Billington’s and Askey’s we’ve become the leader in the UK’s retail sugar, ice cream cones and toppings market with strong positions in flour and milkshakes, which is pretty sweet (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). But if you think we’re resting on our laurels, think again.

We’re constantly thinking of new ways to push the boundaries and make people’s lives a little sweeter (last pun, promise). So it’s all about growth and innovation, quite nicely summed up in our vision:

"Through seamless teamwork, we will succeed by being market leaders in sugar, home-baking and ice cream compliments through understanding and serving our customers and consumers better than our competitors enabling us to grow our profitability"